Walking a Marathon in May… with the kids

So last year, in May, I did a walking challenge with my kids – it was ‘Walk a Day in May… with the kids. This year it’s a slightly easier challenge, I’ve just got to walk a marathon with the kids instead – just over 26 miles. Well, when I say it’s easier I’ve still got the extra challenge of only been home Friday to Sunday, so it’s really going to be a weekend challenge.

Hopefully some of you will join me in this?

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Some rules, or guidance.

  • Grown-up kids/Grandkids/Nieces/Nephews etc are also allowed, but best if you ask permission if you are walking with any kids other than your own!
  • Work to a ‘mile a day’ and it will accumulate up quickly. Leave it only to do at the weekends and you’ve got 7 hard miles to catch up on.
  • Use a pedometer to measure or one of the many walking/running Apps (like Strava) that are available. Or you may have a watch that does it.
  • Walking around the house or chasing them around the house doesn’t count. You need to be outside. Neither does just putting them on a running machine, that’s just wrong!
  • It’s not a competition, it’s just a bit of fun.


It would be great if you could record your endeavours in the comments section beneath this blog. Just go to the ‘Leave a Reply’ section and add in details of your walks eg.

#Miles 1-3 :’A walk around the park with Alex’. 28miles to go

And then for adding more, simply click ‘edit’ and add the next walk underneath. Simples.

#Miles 4-5: ‘A walk to town and back with Chris and Alex’. 26miles to go



  • There are two perfectly-timed Bank Holidays in May. You can use May Bank Holiday at the start to get you ahead of schedule and Spring Bank at the end to catch up.
  • Pick a Country Park near you and go walk around it.
  • The evenings are getting longer, so you have more time to do this.
  • Do it after your evening meal before the kids’ bath time
  • Go to your local park and walk around it a couple of times before letting the kids loose in the playground. Note: this doesn’t look quite right if you’ve got grown-up kids.
  • If it’s close enough, walk the kids to school in the morning or evening. ‘School run’ becomes ‘School walk’.
  • Think about some other small trips where you currently drive, that you could walk instead… to the shop, to relatives or to friends.
  • Just nip out and have a wander round your local area. It will help the kids orientate themselves with where you live too.
  • Take the kids with you whilst you walk the dog
  • A circular mile walk will take about 30-40mins
  • Make sure you take drinks with you and distractions/energy boosts with you.
  • Talk to each other, there’s hopefully not too many distractions for once.
  • Most of all. Stay safe with whatever you do and wherever you are doing it.


Potential Benefits.

  • De-stress from work / life’s challenges for a while
  • Help with your posture
  • Help you sleep better
  • Reduce the risk of all kinds of bad health juju
  • Tone up
  • Lose weight. You’ll burn 50-150 calories or more just walking a single mile
  • Live longer
  • Gets your brain working. I get loads of ideas out walking (including this one)


… but mostly it’s about spending some quality time with your kids.

Let’s do this everyone


Thanks to Paul at Magenta Creative for the graphic.

One thought on “Walking a Marathon in May… with the kids

  1. Here goes. A decent start on May Day…
    # Miles 1-3: A walk around Ogden Waters with a moody Chris, plus Alex and Debbie. 23m to go.
    # Miles 4-7: The Huddersfield Boundary Walk with Alex. 19m to go.

    Broken the back of it with this effort.
    # Miles 8-19: A Great Orme walk, plus general wanderings around Llandudno and Conwy with Chris and Alex. 7m to go.

    # Miles 20-22: Around the park and into town and back with Alex. 4m to go.

    # Miles 23-27: Challenge done and dusted halfway through the month with a walk in Greenhead Park with Alex and a stroll around Shibden Park with both Alex and Chris.


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