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Hey! Welcome to my blog, such that it is just now. I’ve finally put fingers to keyboard and done it.

I’m Owen (The Walking Dad) and I’d been wanting to set up a blog of all my walking adventures for a long time. I’m a digital marketer by trade and had been too busy digitally marketing things for other people to do this. Or so I’d told myself!

‘No time’ is an easy cop out and avoiding important fun things like this had become a habit, so this is part of putting all of that right. Plus, I want to encourage others to get out and about… and to get out and about with their kids too, otherwise the only landscapes they’ll see are the ones they are building on Minecraft!

Thankfully, I finally saw the light and the blogs on here tell the tales of the walks I do (with and without the kids) – mostly in The Peak District, but also wider afield into The Pennines, The Dales, The Lakes, Wales and the Coast.

Just to warn you the blogs are sometimes irreverent, borderline illiterate and always irrelevant. I write about where I walk, who I’m with and some of the crazy stuff in my head. And blame my editor, not me, for any swearing that slip through the net!

My regular / irregular companions are:

Dan – My walking wife (all the nagging, but none of the benefits!), agency owner and digital guru. He’s now ‘The Walking Dan’ – you can expect a blog to follow from him too as he’s ultra-competitive. Dan recently called me a ‘slut’ for going off walking with other people. I thought ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK’!!!

Heather – my (favourite) sister, cake-maker extraordinaire (check out Yorkshire Cake Angel and one of my favourite people on the planet

Debbie  (my long suffering wife / walking widow) and my two sons Chris (never call him Christian!! btw, it’s only the awesome name we gave him after all!) and Alex (who now doesn’t go by Alexander anymore because he’s copying his brother). The ‘Walking Dad’ would just be ‘Walking’ without these two bundles of joy.

Dave – Dan’s partner in crime at the agency. I’ve known Dave for yonks, since ‘jumpers for goalposts’ game of footy in the park.

Andy – a soon to be famous author, with multiple personalities (or pen names to other people). His book promo video is viewable here.

Rich – agency owner and creative genius

Tony – another digital bod and THE fittest man I know. He’s in his mid-forties and runs a marathon before breakfast (or so it seems). Known to us as ‘TONY’ as he’s always about 50 yards ahead of us, making us always have to shout his name, because we’re so unfit.

Matt – (Matt Lad). Legend!

Why a blog about ‘Walking’? Well it’s kinda my hobby now and my main method of keeping fit (or tbh, less fat!). But it didn’t start off that way. Both Chris and Alex have communication disabilities and had been helped out by some awesome people and some awesome charities. So, I decided that I wanted to raise a bit of money and give something back. There was no chance I was going to throw myself out of a plane, or try to ride a bike again, but putting one foot in front of the other for a period of time couldn’t be that difficult, could it?

I’d heard of the National 3 Peaks Challenge and thought ‘I will do that’, then I heard of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge and thought ‘I will do that as well’. What a muppet! Anyhow, this is hardly Eddie Izzard territory. So after a few practice walks. I did the Y3P in about 10.5 hours in Apr 2012 and then the N3P in 30 hours a month later, raising almost £3k for I CAN – the Children’s Communication Charity. I picked up ‘The Walking Dan’ on one of my early practice walks and Tony made sure I got round the Three Peaks in one piece (just!).

It then picked up from there with me quickly being obsessed with climbing everything from the little hill (South Cross Hill) across the valley from where we live up to some chunky bits of rock across the North of England.

My bucket list is now rammed with walks – from The Camino, to Machu Picchu, to Kilimanjaro all the way to The Himalayas. I’ll get one of them done, I’m sure.

Enjoy the read and if you’ve any questions on walking, what to wear, what to eat etc, then drop me a line. I won’t know the answers mind, but Tony will… I’ll just ask him.






4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Aww I’m touched. Didn’t know I was one of your fave people. I’m incredibly proud of you bro. You never cease to amaze and inspire me with your strengh of character and infallible determination to achieve everything you set out to do; despite the injuries and setbacks. I look forward to reading about your adventures and of course tagging along for many more of them. Heather.

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